SUITE (2009)

for solo piano



The Suite is cast four distinct movements of similar length, totalling approximately 12 minutes.   The first movement opens with bright syncopated chords which give way to very expansive sounding music, with constantly flowing bass line and a bright melodic line in the right hand, it seems to hover somewhere between classical piano music and minimalism.   The second movement is the shortest and most ambiguous—both harmonically and rhythmically, as though searching for something which is never quite found.   The third movement is by far the most lyrical and the most ‘classical’.   It also has its tongue firmly in its cheek as it parodies both romantic music of the nineteenth century and the big Hollywood ’love theme’.    The final movement is a real tour-de-force for the pianist, requiring great rhythmical dexterity, thereby ending the Suite with a high speed musical fireworks show.   


-Andrew Garbett

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© Andrew Garbett, 2010