WHO CAN TELL…? (2002)

for flute, clarinet, vibraphone and cello


This piece was composed in July 2002 for the rather unusual combination of flute, clarinet, vibraphone and cello. In the first bar the vibraphone plays the four notes on which much of the following material is based - E-C-D flat-A. In fact the opening section uses only those four notes as the instruments appear to be searching for their own way forward. Gradually each player provides their own melodic idea of which direction to go in.   Sometimes they come together and sometimes they appear to depart in different directions.   The piece goes through many different sections and moods (ranging from the serene to the ferocious, and sometimes rather tongue-in-cheek), although they tend to depart from and return to the same four notes; but which way should they go next - who can tell...?


                                                                                                          -Andrew Garbett



The following programme notes may be reproduced with the following notice:

© Andrew Garbett, 2002